About us

We offer a curated collection of fine art prints. Our mission is to find new audiences for artists and grow a new generation of art collectors.

The artists have been carefully selected to represent both contemporary, young print-makers and more established, prominent figures in art. Our shop is an extension of Make Your Mark gallery, which has gained a prominent position as a leading venue for showing graffiti-based arts in Finland.  

Moreover, we collaborate to produce exclusive edition prints with artists that have demonstrated exceptional creativity and courage. Our first collaboration is with artist EGS who has used graffiti as a medium to explore the world and raise important, yet controversial themes into public discussion, and whose work has been shown in museums and galleries around the world.  

We only sell high quality art prints. Our selection of artists is tightly curated to make sure that your collection will be only amended with artworks that will be appreciated for years to come.Each print is made by hand, numbered, and signed by the artist. All artworks that are bought from Make Your Mark Print Shop are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Make Your Mark Print Shop is part of Make Your Mark family. It is curated by Umut Kiukas and Elina Koivisto who share a vision of creating better opportunities for artists to reach new audiences and in so doing making arts more accessible for everyone.