Past exhibitions

12 August 2022 - 31 August 2022

Mina Mania - Fragments dʼune fleur – dédié à Romina

Fragments dʼune fleur – dédié à Romina is a series of works depicting a period of evolution and change. Through her iconic female protagonist Nana, Mina Mania tells the story of her friend and muse, Romina, to whom she also dedicates the series. Nana lives through the various stages of a separation. At the beginning […]
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6 May 2022 - 31 May 2022

Fume - Abstract Vandal

Fume – Abstract Vandal 7. – 31.5.2022 Born and raised 1969 in Düsseldorf Germany Started Writing Graffiti in 1984. Fume is one of the main influencing Writers from the early nineties if it come to individual Style and trainbombing in the so called “golden era”. Since the late eighties he is active as a legal […]
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