7 January 2021 - 31 January 2021

Terese Kühl: C*nsored

C*nsored -Exhibition by Contemporary Artist Terese Kühl is:

”A praise for free pleasure of woman,
woman’s right to love her own body and
enjoy her sexuality with her own terms”

Terese Kühl’s soft pastel and mixed media artworks are feminist sensual art with uncensored woman’s point of view for the theme of pleasure. C*nsored encourage women for body knowledge and free sexual expression. The Uncensored Installation made in collab with the sculptor Timo Ahjotuli creates an intimate experience of pleasure for the audience.

The exhibition name C*nsored refers to the censorship of nudity of woman and sensual art in social media.

Why is nude female body being censored?
Is woman’s sexual pleasure still tabu?
Why is sensual art still forbidden today?